Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Zoya Zenith: Winter 2013 Collection

The Snow Queen is here. Zenith is the Zoya Winter-Holiday 2013 collection and it's a sparkling icy affair of glitter, shimmer, and metallic finishes. Purple is having a moment these days, so between the striking Belinda (metallic purple, incredibly smooth) and  Payton, a joyful cranberry with complex glitter you're all set.



Swatched from right: Payton, Belinda

I thought that Payton was my favorite of this Zoya collection, but all of a sudden I'm finding myself taken with Cassedy, a pewter color that's more interesting than it appears at first glance. The glitter sky blue of Dream is very beautiful, so blue nail polish lovers should check it out. I'm less impressed with Seraphina, a white ice color that doesn't give full coverage. There's also Mosheen a sheer top color that adds a blue aurora borealis effect to other colors.





Belinda and Cassedy topped with Mosheen

Belinda topped with Mosheen

Cassedy topped with Mosheen

Zoya Zenith Collection for Winter/Holiday 2013 ($8 each) is available from The products seen here  were sent by PR.

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