Thursday, October 03, 2013

Face Atelier- Lip Lock

This is a classic case of "I try stuff so you don't have to". I was very curious about Lip Lock from Face Atelier, a product meant to make your lipstick last longer. Basically it's a shellac. A clear liquid that forms a top coat over the lipstick to lock it into place. A great idea in theory that is probably useful in special circumstances such as a red carpet appearance when you want to make sure that despite all the air kisses and whatnot your lipstick is still ready for a closeup.

Civilians, however, will find that Lip Lock is a bitter liquid that saps the moisture out of the lips and feels like what I imagine a coat of paint thinner or other hardware store product would be on the lips. It irritated my lips for about ten minutes every time I tried this Face Atelier product and generally felt unpleasant. Lip Lock does prevent color transfer to cups and utensils, but I've found that the drying effect can cause some feathering, depending on the lipstick formula. Some lipsticks also get a dull finish as a result of shellacking them with Lip Lock. I'd say that thick and flat formulas suffer less from this top coat, but my lips protested every time I used Lip Lock.

Bottom Line: You don't have to.

Face Atelier- Lip Lock ($22) is available from (it's under "Effects", not with the other lip makeup products, which is also telling).


  1. I remember when Avon had a product like this in the 80's and early 90s and it was sold in a classic nail polish bottle. As a teen I tried it, and did not remiss the drying feeling because all long wearing and matte lipsticks felt that way at the time.


  2. You are so brave! Thanks for trying this so we didn't have to.

  3. I was considering ordering this online but thought I'd check reviews first, glad I did! Probably this is great for models/red carpet people but not for us regular folks (especially as I have very dry lips). Thanks for the review!


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