Tuesday, October 08, 2013

L'Occitane Eau des Baux Shower Gel

I bought the bottle of L'Occitane Eau des Beaux shower gel for my husband to replace his empty L'Occitane Cade. I was too lazy to go look which one of the scents the husband was using, so I chose Eau des Beaux on a whim. Apparently, as far as The Blond is concerned, this is The One. While personally I prefer the stronger and more interesting scent of Cade (nothing wrong with Eau des Beaux smell-- it's a nice mellow woody masculine), the husband is all about performance in this case and he swears by Eau des Beaux.

The formula is obviously different between theses two L'Occitane men's products. Cade is a hybrid shamooo/body wash while Eau des Beaux is a shower gel. The texture of the latter is a bit thicker and clings better to the skin. It also foams better, which the husband prefers, and according to him does a better job at cleansing and removing antiperspirant residue from his manly pits. I'm all for that.

L'Occitane Eau des Baux Shower Gel ($20, 8.4oz) is available from L'Occitane stores as well as from the company's website.

Photo of Cary Grant singing in the shower from Charade, 1963, via IMDB.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I've used the shower gel myself, and Eau des Baux is one of my favourite men's scents, anywhere, anytime. Yummy!


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