Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Seven Perfume Thoughts

1. I just met a divine smelling young woman at an event. Her sillage was warm and spicy, but I couldn't place it. I asked, and it was Chanel Coco Noir. This isn't the first time that a Chanel perfume that smells flat and pedestrian on me and on other people I know becomes a beautiful swan when it meets the right skin chemistry. The other one was Bleu, of all things.

2. Every time I think oud is so very over there's a great perfumer who surprises me with a fresh new take. Two months ago it was Realoud from Phoenicia Perfumes (Must.Buy.Bottle), and now it's the upcoming new release from Liz Zorn, Carpathian Oud. I'm floored. Again.

3. At least there's no Miley Cyrus perfume. Yet.

4. Topping my "Must Test" list is the new Serge Lutens, La Vierge de Fer. I don't know if I'm more scared (lily) or excited (incense, and everything else Uncle Serge might have put in there). Since there are only a few Lutens perfumes I don't enjoy, I have high hopes.

5. Speaking of Serge Lutens, I just realized that I never reviewed Bois Oriental. Not sure how it slipped my mind as I always have a decant and should probably get a bell jar one of these days at the rate I'm wearing it. My sister also likes it a lot, making Bois Oriental one of the very few perfumes we both can wear.

6. A couple of comments on last night's perfume post mentioned Moss Gown by Providence Perfume Company. It made me incredibly happy. This is a phenomenal chypre by a wonderful perfumer.

7. How many of the bottles in the photo above do you recognize? How many do you own (or wish you owned)?


  1. There was a Hannah Montana perfume, but I don't know if that counts as a Miley Cyrus perfume!

  2. Thank Heavens for #3. I don't think I could take it.

  3. Love the ad, I probably have very few of those but need to look closer. I am super intrigued by the leaf bottle on the third shelf...

  4. I laughed when I read your comment about the Coco Noir incident. I'm one of those people on whom it really blossoms into loveliness. So often, when asked what I'm wearing and I've replied Coco Noir, I've been met with an incredulous "Really?!?" Just goes to show how important it is to actually test a fragrance on our own skin before making a judgement.

  5. Gaia, this is the most tantalizing photo - I want to step back in time and stash all of them in my travel bag. I recognize about 70 percent from browsing on ebay.

    CBBgreen, the leaf bottle is Schiaparelli Succès Fou. Trying to name these bottles would be a fun weekend poll on NST. nozknoz

  6. No. 3 - the unvoiced fear of many a serious perfumista, next to Nicki Minaj's series of hideously-bottled scented dreck ...

  7. That photo is so intriguing!! Came upon another website that actually lists the fragrances....

    Ever After (Paquin), Pretexte (Lanvin), Indiscret (Lucien Lelong), Detchema (Revillon), Cuir de Russie (Chanel), Magie (Lancôme), Fugue (Roger&Gallet), Parfum des Parfums (Molynard), Je reviens (Worth), Femme (Rochas), Le Dix (Balenciaga), Succès fou (Schiaparelli), Diorama (Dior), Fath de Fath, 5 de Molyneux, Shalimar (Guerlain), Le dandy (d’Orsay), Crêpe de Chine (Millot), Feu Rouge (Sauzé), EDT Joy (Jean Patou), Le muguet du bonheur (Caron), Tweed (Lenthéric), Visa (Piguet), Robe d’un soir (Carven), Griffonnage (Jacques Griffe), Météor (Coty), Sortilège (Le Galion), Chantilly (Houbigant), Coeur Joie (Nina Ricci), Jolie Madame (Balmain), Amour Sorcier (Germaine Lecomte), Replique (Raphael), J’aime (Heim), Etourdissant (Jean Desprez), Antilope (Weil), Futur (Renoir), Inclination (LT Piver), Voodoo (Dana).

  8. Oh God ,I want them all.What a wonderfull timelaps that must have been.Men were still men,women were still women.How come we ended up in todays situation :'(
    There was no need to stock up on anything and saving,dreaming ,buying ,gifting,receiving was sort of Christmas feeling whenever the magical encounter took place.Of course,the fairytale was not for everybody,but there was this tangible dream.Where did it vanish ??????


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