Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jilbere de Paris Heated Spa Mitts

One of the things that seem to stand in the way of a good at-hope spa pampering is my tendency to multitask and inability to disconnect. The laptop, ipad, and my phone are always there, beeping with text messages, tweets, alerts, notification, Candy Crush requests (hangs head in shame), Grumpy Cat-- it's all there at my fingertips. Even when said fingertips need to be treated. Furthermore, I either read the gossip sites or watch Lisa Eldridge when doing my primping and preening. Fun? Yes. Relaxing? Probably not so much (despite Lisa's soothing voice and general awesomeness).

I already told you about my spa day last month. One of my favorite parts was the utter relaxation I felt when during my facial as my face was absorbing the various skin treatments I also had a my hands slathered in a nourishing cream and placed in heated mitts. It felt fabulous during the treatment, and my hands emerged soft and supple. I had to recreate the experience, so one of the first things I did back home was order these Jilbere de Paris Heated Spa Mitts. It's one of my best purchases of the year.

The thing is that when your hands are deep in this heated electric mitts you can't type, scroll, or crush candy. You have to stay put and hopefully relax. A good idea is to put on a face mask first, then do the hands, shove them into the mitts, lean back and relax with nothing but music in the background for 5-10 minutes. That's all it takes. Here's how it works: Jilbere de Paris Heated Spa Mitts have three heating levels (I go for medium). You apply a rich cream (a good hand cream, body butter, softening salve, with or without some kind of cuticle balm), then put on disposable plastic gloves (the kind they use at the deli. You can find them at Amazon or any drugstore under the sun). Place your protected hands in the mitts (which you've already plugged in and turned on before starting), and spend the next five minutes enjoying yourself.

I find that regular use makes a difference in the way my hands look and feel. I've tried the mitts with several creams and lotions, and really- anything goes. Right now I'm loving using my spa mitts with the Jason cocoa Butter cream you see in the photo (reviewed yesterday).

Bottom Line: now, if I could get the cats to learn massage techniques I'm all set.

Jilbere de Paris Heated Spa Mitts ($35.19, or $31.19 for Beauty Club Card holders) is available at sallybeauty.com.

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