Monday, October 07, 2013

Glasses and Karen's Monday Poll

I'm having a slow start today. It's the weather, a long queue of emails that need to be answered or written, a headache, realizing that there's a bunch of photos that need to be retaken , oh, and apparently-- I need glasses. I had an eye exam on Friday after I realized I've been doing the 40-something dance: the back and forth thing of trying to find the perfect distance for reading directions from cosmetics packaging and color names on eyeliners. What I haven't realize was also a substantial focus issue with my right eye (the left one worked overtime to compensate). I actually like the idea of wearing glasses. I knew exactly which frame I was going to get and ordered it once the need and prescription were confirmed. It's not the vintage cat-eyes above, because sadly this particular shape doesn't look good on me (I suspect these glasses require real cheekbones), but I'm really happy with the style of the Tiffany frames I chose. It'll take about two weeks to get them, though, so I see more headaches and squinting in my immediate future.

In the meantime, before I start processing my photos, I'm shamelessly copying Karen's Monday Poll, a weekly feature from her Makeup & Beauty Blog.

What are your favorite TV shows right now?
Anything with the Scott brothers on HGTV. I also have high hopes for the new Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams show, The Crazy Ones. I adore SMG and think she's wonderfully talented. The writing isn't insulting for the viewer's intelligence, so I'm willing to tolerate Robin Williams's shtick. For now.

What would you do if you won $10,000 today?
I want to say something mature and reasonable, like putting a little more equity into the house, but who am I kidding? There's an antique French chandelier I'm coveting for the entry hall and a couple of other items that would look fabulous in our living room.

What’s the first song lyric that comes to mind?
"Gone gone gone/'cause you've done me wrong" The Alison Krauss and Robert Plant cover of the old Everly Brothers song is a serious earworm.

Do you have any scars? 
A few. Nothing major and all of them have a ridiculous backstory, like the one on the back of my right knee that was caused by a rogue safety pin. Who gets a thick scar that stays forever from a safety pin? Me, that's who.

What are some makeup or beauty products you buy over and over again?
Best Face Forward serum oil, Chanel Vitalumiere foundation (I may have to switch colors again, though, I think my shade is discontinued and I need to see what Chanel has instead), Lancome Artliner in black, Paula's Choice Retinol serum.

What’s your favorite place to people-watch?
The East Village in NYC.

If you could time travel, what year would you visit (but you don’t have to be there permanently)?
The twenties. I'll be shopping my weight in perfume-- original bottles of Guerlain, Lancome, Coty, Chanel... and jewelry. And real estate.

If you could pick any one person in history to have brunch with today, whom would you pick? 
Oscar Wilde. It's always Oscar Wilde.

Is there a makeup/hair styling skill you’d like to master? 
I'm fairly happy with my makeup skills, but I'm utterly useless with hair. I blame my hair, though.

What movie really scared you? 
I avoid horror movies and anything violent, but I can still remember how terrified I was of Darh Vader as a kid.

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  1. Liked the survey at Bond NY mag. FYI, new at Saks: a counter for Le Labo.

  2. I've worn glasses since I was a kid, and oh Lord I HATED those cat's-eye frames. No one glommed onto wire-rimmed granny glasses faster than I did when they came in style. Now, I wouldn't mind (ironically) wearing one of the styles pictured. Actually, I'd want them to be as flashy as possible - leopard print, rhinestones, the works!

  3. I will also be commenting on your eyeglass pictures. I always told my parents I could not see the television, but for some strange reason, they never listened. When I had an eye exam in the SECOND grade, my poor vision was finally discovered. Those ugly, cat-eye frames was all we had to pick from. It is still hard for me to fathom today that women actually want to wear them. I also jumped onto the granny glasses when they came out even though my prescription was so strong, they looked like the bottom of Coke bottles.


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