Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Annick Goutal Myrrhe Ardente (Les Orientalistes)

It seems that Myrrhe Ardente is the least popular scent in Annick Goutal's Les Orientalistes series, which is too bad because this is a beautiful and complex composition that deserves more than the label of a "root bear float". But I understand where it came from and why. There is something very earthy and root-like in the heart. Myrrhe Ardent is also a little different than the other Les Orientalistes. Somehow, it smells less personal, more like a "thing", which makes me a bit self-conscious when I'm wearing it in public.

I'm not really sure why it feels this way. After all, this is a much softer myrrh than the Mediterranean shrubbery of Diptyque L’Eau Trois, a scent I love and wear, and is the myrrhiest one I can think of. Myrrhe Ardent is sweet, resinous and has enough vanilla in the drydown to take the edge off the classic combination of myrrh and frankincense. It shouldn't remind anyone of religious rituals. Actually, It's so unique it doesn't remind me of anything in particular- I just enjoy the ride.

As others (like Kevin on Now Smell This) have observed, Myrrhe Ardente and the rest of the Les Orientalistes play well with each other and layer beautifully with other scents. I'll have to try his suggestion for layering it with Uncle Serge's Miel de Bois, and would also experiment with Un Bois Vanille (basically, almost anything layers well with UBV, and it wouldn't be the first Goutal do so- try it with Eau d'Hadrien). I like trying different ratios of Myrrhe Ardente and Ambre Fetiche. I tend to go overboard with the amber, but that's just how I roll. If you have more layering ideas, please share them.


  1. Happy Birthday, dear one !!!

    This is my favorite, too.
    It layers fantastically w/ AG Grand Amour- really amps up the myrrh in the base.

    I'd recommend a 1 part MA to 2 parts GA, so that you're not overwhelmed by myrrh ;-)

  2. does anyone knows where can i find MA?? i am from Greece and i am looking for it..


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