Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mona di Orio- Nuit Noire

Nuit Noire by Mona di Orio is a seductive scent if there ever was one. A very spicy floral, creamy in parts, heady in others, it speaks of low-cut cocktail dresses carefully chosen to perform a certain magic, sparkly jewels, quick glances over a chilled glass and unspoken promises.

The opening is somewhat awkward, like an introduction before the ice breaks and the conversation flows. It's the spices, I think. Ginger can sometimes be a difficult top note, and Nuit Noire is no exception. If you try it, don't bother with a paper test strip. It wouldn't do the perfume or your nostrils any justice. Instead, take a deep breath, put it on skin and wait for the magic. As soon as the raw animalic notes find their place and their groove, they start enhancing the traditional white flowers and making them perform. It's not delicate and not gentle. These flowers were drawn by Georgia O'Keeffe and have one thing in mind. By the end of the night, someone is getting naked.

Nuit Noire dries down to a sweet musk, somewhat powdery with delicate sweetness. It sits beautifully on the skin, like exquisitely-made lingerie, the kind you buy at a small and exclusive Paris boutique, not from a catalog. It doesn't get any better than this.

Nuit Noire, like the rest of Mona di Orio's perfumes is currently only available from
Les Senteurs in London (they ship worldwide). I bought my bottle when it was still available from Bergdorf Goodman, and it looks like Mona di Orio is coming back to NYC, to Takashimaya this time. Samples and decants can be purchased from The Perfumed Court.

Art: Collar de Perlas by Fabian Perez

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  1. What a funny and wonderful review, Gaia !

    I'm a huge fan, no question...
    Both of this scent, and the very lovely, quiet lady herself.

    Way into the drydown, one is left with a very similar aroma to AL Kama, or L'Air de Rien.
    Waaaay down.
    Interesting, no ?


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