Sunday, November 08, 2009

Love, Loss & What I wore

I bought the tickets last night on a whim. I had a vague idea that I wanted to see Love, Loss & What I wore (I think I read the book ages ago while sitting at the bookstore, but never bought it for some reason), and I wanted to see Jane Lynch perform. She's only going to be there until November 15th, so I tried my luck and found excellent tickets for today's afternoon show. I'm glad I did.

The play, an adaptation of Ilene' Beckerman's book by Nora and Delia Ephron, has five women tell stories and share memories of their lives, their clothes and accessories. It's often hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking and always spot-on. The description of what we tend to carry in our purses, comments our mothers make throughout our lives, shoes, men and what it means when one starts wearing Eileen Fisher.

The cast is great and Tyne Daly is amazing. Her presence lights up the stage and her delivery creates some of the best moments.

Love, Loss & What I wore plays at The Westside Theatre now through March 2010, the cast changes every month or so.



  1. I am very glad you got to see this!

    Jane Lynch is so very funny.

  2. I have loved Jane Lynch ever since I saw her perform her play "Oh Sister, My Sister" an a teensy place in Hollywood in '99, and am so glad that she's getting the fame she so richly deserves..


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