Monday, November 23, 2009

The Moving Chronicles- Part 4

Things that suck about moving: It throws off your routine, shatters your comfort zone and wreaks havoc on your hands and feet.

I had to cut my nails short as they started breaking and splitting the second the word "boxes" was heard around here. I filed them as neatly as possible and applied a coat of something clear and glossy (OPI Start to Finish, if I remember correctly) and a second coat of something random I found while packing, just because. I also left out three different creams (L'Occitane, Shielding Lotion and my trusty Chanel, for anti-aging action), so  there's a tube wherever I turn. It's important.

My aching feet (eventually I'll learn not to run around in high heels at times like these) are being treated with Bliss Foot Patrol and my secret weapon: Vicks Vapor Rub. I'm serious. This stuff works wonders on all kind of foot issues and smooths even the roughest patches. Glamorous, I know.

Photo by me, with the help of Lizzy.


  1. I am always entertained by your posts and you are encouraging me to experiment and discover new scents and think outside the "girly sweet" box, per se that I'm use to!

    Vicks Vapor rub? That actually sounds amazing right now especially on my hamstring that I pulled at the gym!Good luck with the move - I'll be doing it myself this coming March. It's even harder when you have a baby.

  2. I suggest thick cotton socks and constant creaming worn with sneaks as well as creamed hands and "gripper gloves" ($10 @ target). Keeps the blisters away..

    Callouses are not my friend..

  3. Vicks vapor rub? Hmmm. This sounds interesting. Sometimes I think I tend to my feet more than I do my hands so I'm always up for trying something new that works.

  4. I found your blog as I was trying to search for a picture a bottle of colour Chanel Particulière. I was wondering what colour it was exactly, as it is the "it" nail colour according one of the news shows.

    Anyway, I digress..I lost myself in your very entertaining blog, and finally found myself reading about your move. What a comfort. My husband and I are boxing up stuff to move this month. Even though I really REALLY looking forward to living in a new apartment (I absolutely can't stand our neighbours), this task is so daunting! However, thankfully we don't have to move any pets or any overly fancy products. The only thing we really care about is our expensive bed set. Anyway, this is just to say, I love your blog, and I love your move stories!


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