Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Lisa Hoffman Variations- Tuscan Fig

Why didn't anyone think of this before?
Taking one note or a theme and creating four different mini-fragrances around it for several times of the day: morning, day, evening and bed time, all packed in the same box.

That's the basic idea behind Lisa Hoffman's Variations series, and I chose to get acquainted with it through Tuscan Fig. Fig is one of my favorite notes and I like every aspect of it, so I expected to find all parts of the tree explored here- leaves, wood and fruit. However, Tuscan Fig is mostly about the sweetness of the ripe fruit and some softening elements. The tree itself is mostly absent.

Marina of Perfume Smellin' Things actually prefers it this way , but then again, she's not a fan of Philosykos or Premier Figuier, two of my favorite fig scents. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy this light approach and started wearing somewhere in August on some of the muggiest days, but Tuscan Fig is a bit too light and civilized to make the kind of statement I favor.

The official notes are Fig, French jasmine, honeysuckle, vanilla bean, gardenia, amber, wood and musks. I could swear there's some citrus in the Morning variation- it's super light, airy and quite fleeting. I guess it would make a great treadmill scent and won't stink up the gym. The next three get sweeter as the day progresses, with a very powdery accord in the Bedtime scent and a very edible and sensual vanilla in the Evening one (my favorite of the four).

Like the other Variations, Tuscan Fig is a perfume oil in four roll-on vials. I like oils and their dense feel, and don't mind the minimal sillage because it's usually compensated by a very good staying power. That's not the case in this Lisa Hoffman creation, which on my skin is gone within 3 hours or so. The portable vials in their cute case make it easy to reapply, but I'd still prefer it to last longer.

Lisa Hoffman Variations comes in both a kit with a leather case($95) or a refill set of all four vials (5 ml each) in a simple box ($60). I bought the latter. Tuscan Fig and the other scents are available from


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