Sunday, November 22, 2009

Il Profumo- Encens Epice

Encens Epice by Italian house Il Profumo has been with me for several years now. I don't wear it often, so my decant is still half full, but I reach for it when I'm looking for something calm and maybe somewhat meditative. It's a perfume with muted colors, evocative of a foggy early morning or early fall, when you can smell the earth and the trees.

The incense part of Encens Epice is not the main show. It's more about resin, acorns and conifers that are revealed after a spicy opening. Sometimes I think I'm getting cumin, but not enough to create the dreaded chicken tikka effect. There's a lot of coriander there, freshly crushed, and maybe also a hint of warm cardamom paving the way for patchouli- raw, live one, not the head shop oil.

Encens Epice is probably what I wanted Serge Noire to be instead of the cumin horror it turned out. It's a dry, spicy scent, which smells like a woody landscape, even if it can be a bit gamey at times. It would probably appeal to more men than women, but anyone who likes cypress, spice and dry resins should give it a try.

Encens Epice ($125, 100 ml) and the rest of the Il Profumo line are available from Luckyscent, where I bought my first sample. I purchased a decant from The Perfumed Court.

Photo of a Mendocino Cypress from

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