Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jean Patou- Lasso

There's very little information available about Lasso, an old and long-forgotten perfume from the house of Patou. It's not even clear when exactly it was launched. Some online sources are dating it as a 1936 release, the year Jean Patou died. But I've also seen various mentions of 1956 and 1957, which seems to be supported by ads from the late 1950s, stating Lasso was a new perfume.

One thing is for sure: Lasso was created with one thing it mind. Seduction.

The English version of these ads call Lasso "Your secret weapon", which is quite appropriate for this beautiful leather chypre. I could not find a list of notes, but some things are quite apparent. Lasso was not a Bandit clone. If anything, it's more closely related to Mitsouko, as before the more leathery drydown there's a rich fruity heart which smells more than a little peachy. It's a little powdery and I wouldn't be surprised to find out there's some heliotrope in there. The combination feels very round and smooth, no jagged edges and spiky heels. More like a velvet evening gown and matching satin shoes, but with more than a hint of tasteful cleavage, an elegant updo and heirloom jewelry. Lasso is well-bread but promises a little naughtiness if you linger close enough.

Just as it is unclear when Lasso was launched, I can't find any information on what year Patou has discontinued it. Bottles pop up here and there on eBay, and I've noticed they come in several shapes, and that there must have been both an EDT and a parfum extrait. As you can see, my own bottle looks different than the one illustrated in the ad. I have a couple of other vintage Patou perfumes in a similar bottle, but they are from different years, so it doesn't help to solve the mystery.

Lasso ad from Joan Thewelis on Flickr, bottle photo by me, handsome model: Peter.


  1. Love the kitty. Perfume sounds like a wonderful mystery to be solved!

  2. Check this out:

    It lists 1936 as the year of introduction.

    Despite the mysteries surrounding Lasso, Peter is a doll! How did he feel about serving as a perfume model?

  3. And this one contradicts the other! No wonder it's so hard to figure out.

  4. Now that's an adorable cat picture.

  5. I love the flacon (yours, not the add style). It is incredibly classy. Enjoy!


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