Thursday, November 05, 2009

DuWop Private Red Lipstick

Private Red lipstick is the first DuWop product I love wholeheartedly. While I wasn't too sure about the color changing promise (it calls to mind the mood lipsticks from the 80s or the O-whatever from Smashbox), the bottom line here is that Private Red is an excellent red lipstick. The color is not too orange and not too blue, it's what I call "movie star red"- perfect old Hollywood glam. It glides on smoothly and gives full coverage, feels comfortable and doesn't dry the lips- an important thing when wearing a strong color.

Private Red is amazingly long lasting. There's still a lot of pigment left after dinner, even if the shiny coat fades with the courses. It doesn't bleed or migrate to the teeth, but all the usual steps of exfoliating and using a liner are still necessary. Red lipsticks are gorgeous, but they require meticulous application. I also recommend using a liquid concealer or highligher around the lips (on the outside) and blend it carefully into your foundation. It helps create that flawless look.

DuWop Private Red ($22) is sometimes available from Sephora, but they tend to sell out as quickly as the store (online and offline) gets them. You can also purchase directly from DuWop ( or from other internet stores. I know I bought mine online, but I can't remember where.

Photos by me.

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