Monday, November 16, 2009

The Moving Chronicles- Part 1

We're moving. No, the blog stays right here, just the husband, cats and I are relocating 8 blocks to the south. The house we bought is in the same town and the same neighborhood, so it's not that big of a change. But it's our first move in more than ten years and we're a bit set in our ways, which means things are going to get interesting.

Realizing closing is only a few days away, I took a good look at our possessions. We're pretty practical when it comes to furniture. Life with cats forces you into a certain frame of mind. You can't get too emotionally attached to your couch and the only ones arranging things on horizontal surfaces are the felines. As a result, we're not big into knickknacks and haven't owned any breakable decor items since a certain orange tabby disposed of the last vase.

What we have are books. Their number has tripled since we've moved here.

Kitchen equipment. The small collection of vintage enameled cast iron pans circa 1960 isn't going to endear me to the movers.

The beauty closet, which is no longer a closet, as the content has somehow spread throughout the house. Beauty bloggers are a bit insane.

The perfume collection. I've gotten a few sweet emails offering advice about packing it right, protecting The Precious and not taking my eyes off certain irreplaceable items.

And nine cats.



  1. gaia, how will you transport your furry friends? i had to actually carry my cat into the car during out last move. nothing short of a travesty and almost a tragedy.

  2. Nine! I feel ever so much better about my five. Okay, there ARE four barn cats. Technically, they aren't really mine. So five. Yes. I keep telling myself that.

  3. I hope your move goes on smoothly! please do not forget to let me (and others) know your new address.
    Good luck!


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