Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Paul & Joe Fall Collection At Bergdorf Goodman

I really should finish packing, but this little PSA really can't wait, because only a handful of items from Paul & Joe's Fall 2009 limited edition collection with the gorgeous cats are still available at Bergdorf Goodman. I know some people are still searching and it's nearly impossible to find online (unless you want them shipped from England), so it's worth your time to give them a call and order what's left. I also found the cutest matching nail file, as you can see in the picture.

When I first saw the stock photos on the various websites, I thought the colors were not for me. The lipstick looked too light and the eye shadows looked glittery. As you can see, that's definitely not the case. I tested everything in store and loved both. The lipstick is a great everyday color and the eye shadows are blendable, satiny and smooth. I didn't swatch them because everything is packed (and already in the new house), but I hope the closeups here give a good idea of the actual colors.

Beauty Habit also carries Paul & Joe, and last I looked, the eye shadows were still in stock.

All photos by me.


  1. Can they be any cuter? love the pics!

  2. OMG - Btw you and Lina (at Beauty Look Book) I am dying and extremely sad that this line isn't carried in SF.

  3. That is some PRETTY packaging.


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