Monday, November 23, 2009

Kanebo Sensai Deep Moist Shine Rouge (MS 111 Usuhanasakura)

Out of several Kanebo Sensai lipsticks I've been testing lately, this Deep Moist Shine in MS 111 Usuhanasakura should have been my least favorite, because the color is much too pale for me to wear- this type of shimmery pink is about two tones lighter than my natural lip color, so worn on its own it looks chalky and weird, even though it's semi-sheer. However, I find myself reaching for this Deep Moist wonder quite often and wear it on top of many of my super diva dark purples and plums to make them more approachable for day or casual evenings.

The wonderful texture of Deep Moist Shine adds a balmy feel to any lip color I'm wearing under it, and the glossy shine is surprisingly sleek and wearable. I'm still discovering pretty options and combinations, which is a lot of fun for anyone who likes to mix and match colors. Of course, if you're pale, this tender pink would probably work beautifully on its own.

Kanebo Sensai products are available from Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus, but I couldn't find the Deep Moist Shine Rouge on their websites. However, sells these lipsticks ($40) online. I received a press sample directly from the company's PR.

All photos by me.

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  1. That color looks gorgeous! But eeps, $40?! I wonder which locations carry this. I don't think the Neimans near me has the line.

    Thanks for the picture/info though!


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