Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Moving Chronicles- Part 2

Some things are obvious. Just like the wardrobe rule about editing your closet and getting rid of any item you haven't worn in the last three years (the number of years varies according to the style luminaries giving the advice), this is even more true about makeup and other cosmetics. I'm pretty good about this- tossing out mascaras at the 3 months mark and not keeping anything that looks or smells past its prime. So I don't foresee a lot of bottles and jars tossing out, though my cleaning lady's daughter might find herself with a lot more nail polish than she would be able to use in a lifetime.

One of my biggest vices is bath products. Long before I had beauty blogging as an excuse, the area around my bathtub looked like a mini Sephora. You can imagine what happened since. So now I'm on a mission to use as much as possible of the bottles I have out, not to touch any samples of bath products I have around and to try and finish at least one shampoo bottle and one shower gel before moving day. We'll see how it goes.

Then there's skin care. Moving is stressful enough, so the last thing I need is a case of skin freakout. So no testing of new creams, cleansers and serums until I'm settled in my new bathroom and beauty closet. All the samples I currently have waiting are going to be packed first and unpacked last, to ward off temptation. And as for the current products in my rotation, I'm going to check if I have travel size and samples of the same things, so I can put away as many pots and jars as possible. If nothing, it'd make me feel more accomplished and productive.

If you have any bathroom packing advice, please share in the comments.

Photo: Janet Leigh in Psycho (1960). Found on the Daily Mail website.


  1. Depending how many boxes it would entail I think it's best to move that yourself in batches if possible. Perfumes too if possible. Then again my collection could fit in a couple of shopping bags so I could be talking out of my hat..

  2. Gaia, do you keep your lotions&potions&perfumes in a fridge ?
    I'll move soon as well (before Xmas) and thinking about buying one of those stylish bathroom fridges...

  3. No advice, really, only patience and calm, I'm also moving in a few week's time, changing countries in fact, and my bathroom is usually not a mini Sephora, a MAXI one. Luckily, most of my bath products come in plastic containers, so no worries about breaking anything...But the parfum closet.........oh,well, that's another story...I need advice too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sounds stressful. I too am moving soon and have loads of bath products. Good advice guys!


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