Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Becca Eye Tint In Gilt

It was Becca makeup artist at Henri Bendel in NYC who sold me on the Eye Tint in Gilt. I was there to buy a couple of Becca powder eye shadows  and had no interest in anything else. After all, my experience with the brand's cream shadows was that they're among the most beautiful I've seen but crease to the point of being unusable. But as he was doing my makeup he used Becca Eye Tint in Gilt as the first layer for an eye look that included Suede and Lamé (review coming soon) and I loved the effect and the color.

Becca Eye Tint is a high shimmer liquid eye shadow in a tube that dries down to an almost powdery finish. The texture is light and the consistency is such that it never creases. The Eye Tint is semi-sheer but still holds enough pigment to work nicely on its own. Layered with other eye shadows from Becca or other brands, the tint creates extra depth. You can apply it with your fingers, but I prefer the control and precision of brushes- either a flat wide one for a wash of color or a small brush to keep the tint close to the lash line.

Gilt is a medium brown with bronze shimmer. It's on the warm side but doesn't lean orange or yellow, so it's a great companion for various taupe shades. This Eye Tint also looks great with navy or emerald green eyeliners.

This is all good, but Becca Eye Tint has one serious problem that prevents me from declaring it a success. The product separates within a couple of weeks. Now, remember, my tube was brand new and I bought it from the Becca counter at Henri Bendel, so it's definitely not some leftover old stock from a questionable online seller. The tint didn't go rancid and once mixed back together it apples and performs well, but there's some serious product loss every time I have to squirt a larger amount to the back of my hand and then mix to achieve the original consistency.

The solution I found is to transfer the entire content of the tube into a little jar with a screw-on lid. This way I can mix the whole thing together before each use and not lose any product. It's a great fix, but I won't be buying any other Becca Eye Tints because it's too high maintenance. There are enough gorgeous eye shadows out there that don't require extra equipment.

Bottom Line: sadly, I'd say skip.

Becca Eye Tint ($24) is available from Henri Bendel, Dermstore and, or Zuneta if you're in the UK.


  1. Bizarrely enough, I find that separation is an issue for any cream eyeshadow in a squeeze tube. Too bad - this color is gorgeous!

  2. This color is really beautiful. Is there a similar color in a powder or pot cream?

  3. Ooh I love Becca products! So sad to hear that the product separates though :(

  4. Same problem with their cheek tints. Lovely colors but you have to shake them like no other or else you get watery mess. I like the idea of transferring them to small pots.

  5. Hi,I have one the Becca cheek and lip tints and what I find is if you keep it in the freezer or some other place a bit more chilly it doesn't separate anymore... also the shaking always works, of course...

  6. the directions for both the Becca cheek and eye tints say to shake because separation is natural due to the formulas. They are a lot like the Chanel vitalumiere aqua foundations. It is not the sign of poor quality or rancid product.

  7. Great swatch. :) I find rolling the tube back and forth very quickly between the palms of my hands works well enough. Love their products. :)


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