Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kevyn Aucoin Alurabliss Liquid Cyber Lip Gloss

I'm not a fan of gimmicky products. A light blue lip gloss definitely looks like more of a novelty item than a serious beauty tool, but earlier this year I decided to give Alurabliss from Kevyn Aucoin a try because I really love the Liquid Cyber Lip products with their superb texture and healthy boost they give my lips. I also liked the idea of a clear gloss with just a hint of cool cast that can subtly adjust the color underneath.

Alurabliss is a very shimmery sky blue in the tube but it's actually a clear gloss. The blue pigment is not noticeable other than in the way it lends a slightly cool tint to the color underneath, be it your natural lip color or a lipstick. I find the shimmer particles o Alurabliss less intense than in my Kevyn Aucoin Galaxine Liquid Cyber Lip, so I reach for it often either to give my lips a finishing touch or to customize and adjust other colors.

Bottom Line: more than a gimmick.

Kevyn Aucoin Alurabliss Liquid Cyber Lip Gloss ($27) is available from Bergdorf Goodman (in-store only), Barneys (also online) and Dermstore.


  1. maybe it's an stupid question, but, because is blue it makes your teeth appear whiter?

  2. I used to own this gloss - one of the few I ever finished! I should pick up a new one. I love how it looks over berry stains, especially.

  3. actually, i just watched Jordan Liberty's video on Youtube titled "Simple Red lips and Bronze eyes" and he used this lipgloss over a red matte liquid lipstick to make the teeth appear whiter! so not gimmicky, its simply science. Blue counteracts Yellow! just as peach tones counter-act purples under the eyes! incredible!!


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