Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Le Labo Gaiac 10

Gaiac 10 is Le Labo's very popular Tokyo exclusive perfume. Composed by perfumer Annick Ménardo, the smoothness of Gaiac 10 has lead many a fragonerd into alternating between cursing Le Labo for only selling it in their Tokyo boutique and wondering what moving to Japan might entail.

Le Labo fans will quickly recognize the musky base, almost clean but not quite, and very long lasting. It permeates all development stages of Gaiac 10 and hovers there, confident and consistent, with a hidden dark side. This structure works especially well with the lacquered wood opening that evolves into a more natural wood- dry at times and green(ish) later with a faint hint of smooth incense before it all fades to musk.

I've worn Gaiac 10 while out and about. I wore it in Paris, at home and in NYC. Most of all, I enjoy it late at night with a cup of tea, a cat or three on my lap and as I go to bed. Some Le Labo perfumes are so striking and distracting they keep my awake. Not Gaiac. This one is all about serenity.

Notes: Olibanum, gaiac wood, cedar absolute, musk

Le Labo Gaiac 10 is exclusive to Tokyo, but for the month of November will be available to all through Luckyscent (samples are already on sale at $10 per 1.5ml) and the house's website (lelabofragrances.com). A press sample for consideration and review was sent to me by Le Labo.

Art: Japanese style landscape by Paul Ranson.


  1. Gaiac 10 sounds divine. I'll have to try it.

  2. I love this one as well; it's so cozy and somewhere between clean and dirty; it's "classy naughty", shall we say. Then again, no wonder as a dedicated musk lover myself (and writing tomes on the subject too!)
    And yeah, I know exactly what you mean about raising a mental fist at this whole city-exclusive nonsense!

  3. I just got my samples today and after a cursory whiff of each vial this is the one I wanted to put on first! Though I have to admit, my hands were shaking at each one and how lovely they smelled even while still safely in the vials! After wearing it now an hour and looking up this review(great timing), I am in love! Thankfully, my birthday is next month and this is on the list! I am so excited to try the others as well, particularly Aldehyde 44 and Musc 25. I will have a much easier time traveling to LA or Dallas for those than Tokyo though, so Gaiac 10 comes first! Thanks for the review, and thanks to you I was made aware of the samples and the online sale at Lucky Scent in November!

  4. When I read this today I realized I left this scent off my order last week--thanks for the reminder, I ordered today.

    I have been testing with varying results. I only live a few hours from Dallas, so I'm not as anxious to order that if it's "the one" but I am finding a lack of longevity with some of the scents. I need to get more organized in my testing before I make a decision on what, if anything, to order but I'm interested in other people's experiences with the Le Labo scents fading quickly. Maybe it's just me?

  5. I just have been motivated to visit Japan.


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