Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Spotlight On A Blogger- Kilmberly of Eardog

I met Kimberly Wang at MiN NY, my favorite perfume store in the city, a place that attracts interesting people. She was accompanied by her incredibly sweet dog, Theodore, and looked effortlessly stylish. It was a fun Sunday afternoon and the conversation encompassed dogs, city life, interior design, Paris, vintage everything. Oh, and blogging.  Kimberly is a film and video storyteller and a great photographer. Passionate about travel, music and life in general, she blogs on her site, Eardog and shares her photographs and discoveries. Her series about Paris is especially wonderful: food, street style and dogs, dogs, dogs.

The photo above is from NY Post article about Kimberly and Theo, who is a licensed therapy dog. I find both of them charming and inspiring.


  1. Tomorrow, I must read her blog! Great feature!

  2. Wonderful feature, I'll take a look at her blog. She does seem to have an effortless style, and her doggie is sooo cute!
    It's nice to see others who love their furr babies so much. I want to *squish* her cute dog!


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