Thursday, October 06, 2011

Lancome Wannabe Color Design Lipstick

Wannabe (what a horrible name!) from Lancome Color Design range of lipsticks looks more than a little terrifying in the tube. Wannabe appears somewhere between fuchsia and magenta until  it meets a human face. There it becomes a pleasant rich creamy pink, with surprising complexity and subtlety. My lips are darker than my arm, so when I wear this Lancome lipstick the result is a bit darker than what you see here.

The Color Design formula is pretty decent. It's not the best Lancome has to offer (their L'Absolu is better), but as long as one doesn't mind reapplying often, the lipstick feels comfortable and moisturizing.

Bottom Line: as pretty as it gets.

Lancome Color Design Lipstick ($22) in Wannabe and 38 other shades can be found at every Lancome counter and online. The one I have was a gift with purchase.

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