Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Laura Mercier Sable Sateen Eye Colour

I actually picked Sable, a single Laura Mercier eye shadow from the Sateen range some time in midsummer, but it goes very well with this week's gray and rainy weather (we turned on the heat for the first time this morning).

Sable is a cool taupe with distinct gray leanings. I paired it successfully with Edward Bess eye shadow in Storm and also with assorted navy colors (especially as eyeliners). The color is easy to wear and the texture is a joy to apply and blend, just like any other Laura Mercier eye shadow I have. The satin finish gives only a hint of glow with no visible particles.

Bottom Line: Laura Mercier at her best.

Laura Mercier Sable Sateen Eye Colour ($22) is available at the counters and fro lauramercier.com.


  1. It looks like a gorgeous shade. Versatile too. Surely a must have, right? *Gets credit card at the ready*

  2. Oh, how have I never bought this before?...

    Further proof that a purchase is necessary: my captcha is imenidid LOL (I may need it)!

  3. Very very beautiful! How different is it from Chanel's Taupe Gris? Can you tell please?

  4. It is a winner for sure.

  5. oooh!!! such a gorgeous color! definitely perfect for everyday makeup. ;)

  6. Sable and Topaz have been favorites of mine for about 2 years. They get lot of use and are of exceptional quality. Every taupe lover needs to own Sable.


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