Monday, October 31, 2011

Mirabella Blissful Blush Color Duo

I love discovering brands I've never heard about before. I love it even more when said brand turns out to be very good. I never heard of Mirabella mineral makeup until the package landed on my doorstep, so I admit to being a bit hesitant at first. Learning that Mirabella is a salon brand, supposedly conscious about ingredients was good. Noting that the products are manufactured in the US and in Canada (except for the eye pencils- those are made in Italy) was even better.

The blush duo in Blissful is an interesting one. It holds two full size blushes, one is a petal pink and the other side an almost wine color. It can be tricky, for sure. As soon as I touched Blissful for the first time I noticed the texture was great. The Mirabella blush is silky smooth with fine micro-shimmer. The pigment is quite intense, so an inferior texture would have made for a disastrous application. As it is, a good fluffy brush that works doesn't pick too much product is essential. I use a medium Yachio (Hakuhodo) that both applies and blends the blush.

As for the colors in Mirabella's Blissful, I prefer to blend them together than try to make each one work by itself. I start with a base of the petal pink and add just enough of the dark shade to take away the brightness and pinkness. The blended result is pleasingly glowy and natural, and it satisfies my love of mixing colors and customizing them to my taste.

Bottom Line: Nice and fun.

Mirabella Blissful Blush Color Duo ($30) is available from select salons and on The product was sent for my consideration free of charge.

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  1. Oh, how pretty! I wonder if there's a more brown-toned palette =)


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