Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bewitched: Perfumes For Halloween

Samantha, Elphaba and Professor McGonagall have very little in common, other than that little witch thing. I'm also not sure how any of them saw perfume, but I do remember that Hermione Granger wore perfume (a gift from Ron, actually), which is one more reason to love her. The weather has created a rare event: a white Halloween. It's quite bewitching, actually (and not as horrible now that our power is back after 24 hours of blackout), so I'm ready to make a list of Halloween-appropriate perfumes:

1. Eau Noire- La Collection Privée Christian Dior. Intense, thick and black as the night. For a witch with some serious sense of style.

2. Reglisse Noire- 1000 Flowers. I've mentioned this one before. Those unfamiliar with natural perfumes might be surprised with the depth and character of this black licorice concoction. I'm not sure it's the kind of treat little kids hope to get, but anise lovers will rejoice.

3. Like This- Etat Libre d'Orange. For a more wholesome approach. Like coming home from the cold into an inviting kitchen and a warm pumpkin pie.

4. Frankincense Myrrh Rose Maroc- Regina Harris. As goth as it gets.

5. Vecchi Rossetti- Hilde Soliani. Behind the scenes at the opera, just before the Phantom arrives... or maybe an old and magical costume store.

6. Black Cashmere- Donna Karan. As dark and stormy as it gets. I can almost see and smell the haunted house.

7. Cardinal- Heeley. The priest is here to perform some serious exorcism, but you feel the chilly ghost in the air.

8. Rose 31- Le Labo. Some serious wild animals lurking beneath the rose disguise. Spice, cumin and everything that's not nice. This one has fangs.

9. Nuit Noire- Mona di Orio. Another perfume in disguise, this time the outside is scary and dirty, a beast that is out to get you. It turns into a thing of beauty once skin is involved. Transformed by a kiss.

10. Black Widow by Black Widow- I recently found this sample and remembered how dark and warm and fun this gem was. Perfect for the season, the weather and atmosphere.


  1. These all sound delectable... A nice way to stay witchy after Halloween too, I suppose...

  2. I have a nice decant of Nuit Noire that I have never spritzed! I need to try this. Perhaps this very afternoon!


  3. Oh my. Now I must track all these lovelies down!


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