Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Stephen King- 11/22/63: A Novel. It's been many years since I last read a Stephen King novel so I nearly forgot what a great storyteller he is.

Kings of Convenience. I have no idea why these guys never made it as big as they deserve.

And just because, someone I love who made it very big: George Michael-- John And Elvis Are Dead.

I've been all over the place lately, but Tabac Aurea by Sonoma Scent Studio has been giving me a lot of pleasure lately. Review tomorrow. Maybe.

I'm skipping mascara a lot lately during the day, mostly because I can. The item I should never leave the house not wearing? Blush. I never looked deader.

Frequently Worn Outfit or Item
I've done some eBaying over the last few months and found a pair of gorgeous vintage art deco style drop earrings. The kind that you screw on. It takes some practice to find the right amount of pressure that keeps the earrings firmly in place without pinching. And before anyone asks: no, my ears aren't and have never been pierced. It's a family thing.

Toast. French and other.

Bane Of My Existence
My phone is really and truly about to croak. None of the options out there looks that amazing, but it can't be put off until the next version of whatever comes out.

Packages from my mom.

The feeling after Winter Solstice that the worst is already behind (obviously, our ancestors weren't familiar with the concept of February).


About half of Rena Lange Spring 2012 collection, but especially this dress. Yes, it's crochet, kind of seventies in vibe and I would avoid this particular styling, but it's an adorable and very wearable dress.

Random Thought
I sniffed a few things last Friday (thank you, Lucy!) that made me both amazed the talent and emotional intensity of some indie perfumers, but also sad knowing how few are the people who actively seek them out. Let's face it: I can talk about real perfume until I'm blue in the face, but it won't stop anyone from buying another bottle of Victoria's Secret body spray.

How about you? Please share your recommendations, banes and ideas!

Art: Study In Red And Black by John White Alexander, 1896
Rena Lange mini dress: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Europe via Zimbio


  1. Gaia, it was great sharing the Clarimonde perfumes with you, because of how much you do "get" them. I still believe that the more people know about what great things the indieperfumers are doing, the more they would be intrigued and get involved in this world of seductive and beautiful stuff.
    We aim to transmit our enthusiasms!

  2. The Kings of Convenience were, unfortunately, born in the wrong era.

    No mascara? That and lip balm would be my essentials. I need mascara to have eyes.

    I love my Verizon iPhone. Get the 4S so you can have Siri.

    I need to read Gaby's Story. Bought it at Costco. So little time!

  3. Suggestions? Everything from Reed Krakoff, especially their "Atlantique" Bag in Petrol. And their cut out heel T-Strap Sandal in Nude/Cobalt.

  4. "Let's face it: I can talk about real perfume until I'm blue in the face, but it won't stop anyone from buying another bottle of Victoria's Secret body spray. "
    So true!

    Me, I'm a mascara and eyeliner fiend. Have to have it or I look like a potato.

    Currently not reading but listening to the Audible download of Phillipa Gregory's The Lady of the Rivers. Very good. About the Wars of the Roses and the lunacy that happened around then. The whole series is great and I recommend it.

  5. I just finished the King book and, like you, had forgotten who our master of yarn-spinning really is. Also recommend the Steve Jobs biography, not for the writing exactly, but for grokking the one-man circus that was Jobs.

    As always, Benefit Stay Don't Stray and Clarins Mascara Fix, which help prevent one's eye makeup from ending up on one's chin.

    Real perfumes from real perfumers.

  6. Book: just finished the Tibetan book of living and dying- I highly recommend it!
    Music: Faithless, I'm such a fan of Maxi Jazz
    Perfume: Right now I am wearing Bulgari Black, and I am soon going to buy the Portrait of a Lady!
    Makeup: my can't do without item is Clinique's naturally glossy mascara
    Outfit: I keep studying at home so my frequently worn outfit is my long grey H&M worn out dress converted to a nightie
    Bane: Bills :-(
    Joy: I am sending today a big package with Christmas presents to my family in Greece (I live in London)
    Anticipation? an encounter ;-)
    Wishlist: Traversee de Bosphore, Visa, Avignon...
    Random thought: we reap the seeds we have planted with our thoughts, words, and actions. A carefree life does not mean an irresponsible one.

    I am a non-blond too, and I really enjoy your posts!

  7. Book: Just finished Sense and Sensibility. Favorite character was Col. Brandon. I'd marry him.
    Music: I'm also listening to George Michael these days. Must be something in the air. I am loving his mature "graying" look.
    Perfume: L'Air du Temps vintage EDP, for sentimental reasons.
    Makeup: I'm wearing a full face but keeping it simple. Favorite products are rosy-pink lipsticks and glosses. I keep buying them.
    Outfit: Cowl-neck sweater over cowl-neck tee. I love me a good drape-y neckline.
    Bane: I'm not a fan of the holiday season, especially the shopping. I'm looking forward to January 1.
    Joy: Despite what I just wrote above, I'm looking forward to a Christmas party I'm planning for my assistants at work.
    Anticipation? I'm awaiting a Sephora package containing Guerlain Meteorites loose powder pearls, which I've never tried before. :)
    Wishlist: Sweaters and perfume and books.
    Random thought: It's the questions that are important in life, not the answers. Two of my friends have brought this up lately in conversations. I think the universe may be trying to tell me something.

  8. [P.S. I copied and pasted Alexandra's format for my own comment. I hope I didn't forget to delete all her text in my comment form! Feel free to edit or delete my comment if necessary.]

  9. Book: The Cookbook of Alice B. Toklas.I had forgotten I had this, and it is an unmitigated joy, not least for the most politically incorrect recipes of the 20th century...;-)
    Music: I'm on a serious Emilie Autumn kick. Harpsichord, violin, the voice of an angel and lyrics to die for.
    Perfume: Amouage Epic Woman and the sample box Lucy sent me of Histoires de Parfums. 'Immortal Mine' when no one is looking!
    Makeup: I'm fair enough to make vampires look wan. Which must me why I swear to plum mascara and eyeliners these days. And my Ellis Faas concealer, a.k.a. The Miracle Worker.
    Outfit: Jeans, because they're practical day-to-day and a gorgeous teal V-neck sweater lambswool sweater I found in a second-hand shop men's dept. I bought it for the color, but it's a great sweater, too!
    Bane: An almost seven-year-old who's too excited to go to bed, so his mother can write. And the seven lb ginger fiend cat, who crawls under the covers every night once I'm asleep and sticks his tail in my mouth. I really don't know why. Being carried away by my own brand of blarney. Whoops!
    Joy: Knowing that so many people care. Still can't get over that!
    Anticipation? That bottle of Piguet Bandit that has my name on it. I know it's there! Airing my predilection for Bad Brooklyn/Jersey Boys at a concert in January.
    Wishlist: Books. One of everything Ellis Faas. DSH Vert pour Madame, which swipes me sideways in all the great ways.
    Random thought: Gratitude is an underrated virtue. I am so grateful to everyone I know for everything they've given me, it's the very least I can do to tell them! Which also means I'm grateful for lists such as this one for reminding me!

  10. Book: Just finished Pale Demon which is part of The Hallows series, one of my guilty pleasures.

    Music: Vivaldi's La Stravaganza performed by Rachel Podger and Arte die Suonatori (period instrument violin concertos)

    Perfume: Guerlain's Sous Le Vent

    Makeup: Eclectic! Whatever suits my mood and occasion.

    Outfit: Cashmere sweaters and wool slacks. It's been nippy and windy the past few days.

    Bane: None! I'm a happy camper :-)

    Joy: "All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful . . ."

    Anticipation: Having my family home for the holidays.

    Wishlist: Joy and happiness; peace and serenity; contentment and fulfillment for one and all.

    Random thought: Why do some bloggers dwell on the negative and resort to condesending and pejorative comments to convey their dislike of a product when a simple, honest description will do?

  11. Yes, Gaia, you must get an iPhone 4S. You'll love Siri!

  12. I do love these "currently" posts, and I enjoy reading everyone's comments.

    Book: Just finished The Old Man and The Sea by Hemingway, for the December meeting of my Book Group. Beautiful, and rather sad. Worth reading, even if one does not generally care for Hemingway.

    Another really good book is the new Erik Larson, "In The Garden of Beasts."

    Music? Judy Collins, Judy Collins, Judy Collins, and Leonard Cohen, Bruce Cockburn, and The Beatles Red Album (1962-1966).

    Still trying to find face cleanser nirvana....

    Fragrance? Back to Givenchy Pi.

    Anticipation: My great-nephew's January visit.

    Bane: Tis the season for carbs!

    Joy: my friends, my dear Rosa del Gata tabbycat.

    Lawrence in Ohio

  13. Book: Still trying to finish Feed, got to mid-point and it's finally hooked me and I can't put it down
    Music: Lots of Jean Pierre Rampal-need his golden warm tone and lyrical style. So uplifting.
    Perfume: Bandit, extrait! *LOVE*
    Makeup: I'm looking forward to receiving my Edward Bess 'The Basics' palette, ohh the anticipation!
    Outfit: Cashmere sleep-wear (to bed only) it's very cold here.
    Bane: Troublesome employees, in a union environment. So difficult to deal with.
    Joy: Found a new kitty family on campus, successfully trapped and neutered and found homes for mommy and four kittens (gray tabby, two blackies, and a calico). I am so happy they have forever homes! Of course, I wanted to keep them all!
    Anticipation? Headed home to FL for the holidays, it's a surprise...
    Wishlist: Better health.
    Random thought: "I have to learn to let go" and "control is just an illusion".


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