Monday, December 26, 2011

Handmade Kindle Cases

Two minutes after unwrapping my new Kindle I started to think about dressing it up. Preferably in couture, which to me means handmade and/or custom made, not necessarily name brand. The destination was clear: Etsy.

The choices for e-Readers sleeves, cozies and cases on Etsy are so many one can spend hours browsing unable to decide. Some are sleek, others are adorably homespun; materials range from recycled wool, upcycled oilcloth to leather. There are hand-knitted options, appliqued, felted and hand-stitched. Prints go from the ubiquitous retro owls to the tackiest and funniest Star-War characters. When buying make sure you order a case that fits your gadget's model as they vary slightly.  I went with the one you see above: Personalized leather case with peacocks ($46, TinderBloom).

Here are a few of the other items that caught my eye:

Herrigbone pattern, navy & cream ($22, Echoshop).

Octopus & Seahorse ereader sleeve ($15, Pogtotes).

Faux Croc Kindle Fire cover ($39, GardenourLeather).

Oilcloth Dots (22GBP, ArrooDesigns).

Red Knit Kindle Sleeve ($20, haramis).

Red & Cream Toile Kindle Cover ($20, JonahDay).

Recycled Padded eReader Cover ($10, CitrusSister).

Leather Kindle Sleeve ($95, NomadUnlimited).

As always I'm not affiliated with any of the Etsy shops above. The links are only for your convenience.


  1. Etsy really has some great items. I definitely like the first artisan, I see something just perfect for me!

  2. Gorgeous! Love the ex Libris cover.

  3. These are so lovely, I love your peacock one!

    I made my own Kindle Cases, but they are nowhere near as good as those; I have to step it up!


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