Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dry Skin Brushing

I'm not particularly crunchy and have never seriously contemplated doing a cleanse, but dry skin brushing is a tip I picked from a couple of detoxing friends. Using a coarse brush on dry skin sounds a bit painful, but it doesn't have to be. It actually feels quite rejuvenating, which is exactly what this practice is supposed to be.

The idea is simple: just before taking a shower, use a brush on your dry skin  in circular motions moving towards your heart. The brush can have a long or a short handle (I prefer a long one, so I can give my back a good scratching); experts recommend natural fibers. The benefits, other than a nicely exfoliated skin, are supposed to include toxin removal, blood and nerve stimulation and an overall feel of well-being. Since I'm a beauty blogger with a serious dry skin issue I'd rather focus on this very tangible aspect.

It works. I've used countless of body scrubs and exfoliating creams, some with better results than others. Dry brushing my skin has been giving me the best results so far: softer skin, a much better appearance, no tightness  and no arid earth texture. I've found that after a brushing session my skin requires far less moisturizing, which is unheard of for my cuir de crocodile.

There are plenty of suitable brushes on the market, available everywhere from Ulta to Whole Foods. I bought mine online for less than $10-- I can't remember if it was through Amazon or one of the natural product retailers. It's a little thing that makes a world of difference.

Photo from rollingout.com.


  1. Thanks for this tip, Gaia. I'm looking forward to trying this on my dry skin. Thanks also for the Hakuhodo brush reviews. You're probably aware that most of your recommendations are sold out. :( I hope that they restock or have occasional sales.

  2. This sounds lovely and if it's working for your dry skin then keep on! I feel quite dubious about the 'toxin removal' claim, but removing dead and irregularly shaped skin cells from the skin's surface is an essential part of healthy skin function. I'm glad it works!

  3. I'm going to have to try this, my legs are a horror show of dryness.

  4. definitely need to start using a brush! my skin is always dry and itchy in winter, so not cute


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