Friday, December 16, 2011

NARS 413 Bleecker Larger Than Life Lip Gloss

NARS 413 Bleecker Street Larger Than Life lip gloss, an exclusive to the NYC NARS boutique (and made me forget my perennial doubt about NARS lip products (I find most of them excruciatingly drying and cruel to my lips). The color of 413 Bleecker is a bright classic red. It's bold, sexy and utterly gorgeous. I had to have it.

The new(ish) Larger Than Life formula is great. Upon first application it feels a bit sticky, but as the gloss settles on the lips (about 5 -10 minutes in)  it becomes more like a liquid lipstick. There's no scent (not even the typical NARS plastic smell) and the gloss actually feels moisturizing and good-for-lips. The finish is high shine, very glossy, the coverage is high and the staying power is phenomenal. The gloss doesn't move and leaves a good amount of pigment behind after having a snack.

NARS Larger Than Life glosses have a new short and stiff brush that is perfect for the formula and allows for a very precise application, which is important with dark and intense colors such as 413 Bleecker.

Bottom Line: I love it so much I'm considering getting more colors. Probably Como.

NARS 413 Bleecker Larger Than Life Lip Gloss ($26) is only available from and from the NYC NARS store on 413 Bleecker street.


  1. I was debating about ordering this but your post confirmed that I need this in my collection.

    I am also a fan of this gloss!

  2. Definitely order this, Lexi. It's that good.

  3. Oh!! I wanted to get this for my red-loving friend. I'm glad it's so good!

  4. Dovey, it's the perfect holiday red. The limited distribution also makes it a great gift.

  5. I think that should be on my list. I have Como and love it!

  6. Evelyn, I'm sitting on my hands to avoid ordering Como right now.


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