Friday, December 09, 2011

Mona di Orio

From Mona di Orio's Facebook page:
Today .completely unexpected and leaving us in great sorrow, our great inspirer, friend, colleague and name giver to her great loves, her beautifull parfum creations, MONA DI ORIO has passed away. We are shocked and deeply saddened and speechless but will still help realize her dreams.
Team Mona di Orio Parfums

She was one of the greatest perfumers of our time, graceful and creative. Her memory will live through her perfumes.

My thoughts are with her family and loved ones. Rest in peace.


  1. Oh. No. Oh. No. How can this be??? My heart is broken. Because hers is a heart I fell madly in love with through her heartbreakingly Beautiful creations, her I'm-going-all-the-way-so-buckle-up-for-the-Lusty-Soul-Ride-of-your-life scents.

    Her perfumes just take you captive, force you to let go, Wear You, and you'd have it no other way. They truly stand apart. Mona broke all the rules yet elevated the ultimate standard.

    Goodbye, dear soul, and SALUTE for diving head-first into your Passion and Gracing this world with your Unique Gift.


  2. Such a tragedy - she was so young, and at the height of her career. I feel for her family.

  3. I'm... stunned.

    A truly extraordinary talent, taken so soon!

    I cannot express it any better than Zanne -- I too fell madly in love with her work (through you, dear Gaia). Loving someone's personal vision through the medium of perfume feel as if you have established a very intimate bond with them, even if you never meet them in real life.

    This is devastating.

    I hope she will live on in her perfumes.

  4. Such a tragedy, and it came far too soon. Rest in peace.


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