Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer

Sunday Riley is a new makeup line by skincare expert Sunday Riley. It appeared at Barneys a couple of months ago-- you might have seen a photo of a gorgeous blush in their holiday catalog. The brand is finally also available online, so this will a good time to start posting my reviews. We're starting with the basic, a makeup primer, or: Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer.

Here's what Sunday Riley (or her marketing team) have to say:
Our Philosophy: All of our products are built on the foundation of Purified, Active, + Proven. We only buy active ingredients at 99% purity and we triple check them to confirm their purity levels. Maximum purity makes a huge difference in your skin radiance long term - and our returning customers are valued and priceless.

Thus, the primer and the other color products are supposed to help us in the anti-aging fight. I wouldn't abandon any part of my skincare routine just yet, but knowing that my makeup works hard for me is always a welcomed idea. The formula of Sunday Riley's primer is enriched with Peptides and Sodium Hyaluronate, both help the skin retain its moisture level and healthy texture. The primer is liquid and feels very light. However, looking at the ingredient list reveals that it is not as silicone-free as it appears, although the 'cones are farther down the list than in many other primers. I guess that's what makes Sunday Riley's perform so well in the makeup endurance department.

As I mentioned, the Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer comes in three shades: Deep, Medium and Light. The SA at Barneys thought at first that Medium would be my perfect match, but had to clean my face up immediately, as Medium was too dark and too yellow for me. What you see here is Light, the one I purchased, and you can tell that this color blends seamlessly. It dries down immediately, feels great, works well with every foundation and tinted moisturizer I threw at it so far and performs like a rock star.

Bottom Line: One of the best.

Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer ($48) is available from Barneys, in store and online.


  1. Hi Gaia- I'm so glad to see that you reviewed Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer! I bought and reviewed this after my last Barneys/Sunday Riley haul. I am a huge fan of Sunday Riley, and in fact use literally ALL of her skincare and bodycare items. I'm completely obsessed with the line. Also I finally caved and placed a Hakuhodo order thanks to your reviews! When Modesty Brown posted that Hakuhodo was raising prices effective Jan. 1st I decided that the time was now! I love your blog, and take to heart everything that you say in your refreshingly honest and smart reviews!

  2. Thank you, Helen. This is so sweet of you to say.

    I'm also considering placing a Hakuhodo order before prices go up. There are a few more interesting-looking brushes I'd like to explore.

  3. My pleasure-- it's all true!

    I know, I am already thinking that I should have added another couple brushes to my order! I have to be careful because I have fallen down two deep rabbit holes recently: Hakuhodo and Rouge Bunny Rouge (especially given the recent 20% off sale at Zuneta)- so while I could continually add more and more to my cart-- there is the reality that the bill is also on its way!

  4. Have you used the Hourglass Primer before? If yes, how does this compare? Thank you

  5. I'm thrilled by the prospect of reading more Sunday Riley reviews! Even if I never get to see these products in person, I'm glad to live vicariously through you, Gaia!


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