Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Guerlain 120 Coque D'Or Rouge Automatique Lipstick

It seems that reviews of Guerlain Rouge Automatique lipsticks write themselves. I test many lipsticks, play with colors, examine textures; these Guerlain beauties are among the very best you could find. The wide selection of shades makes them the obvious answer for an "I want a new lipstick!" craving, while the wonderful quality keeps buyer remorse at bay.

 Rouge Automatique 120 Coque D'Or is a retro red with just enough pink to avoid harshness. It has delicate gold micro-shimmer (no gritty particles or visible glitter) that plays up the warmth of Coque D'Or. The wonderful almost balmy formula works well to merge and coat the lips, allow just a little bit of the natural dark pink to come through and makes this Rouge Automatique among my favorite daytime reds for that very French look.

I have and love several other Guerlain lip products (Rouge G lipsticks, KissKiss glosses), but in Rouge Automatique the company has raised the bar and set up a new standard for luxury lipsticks: long lasting, low on scent (I can barely smell anything from these tubes) and high on pigment, while providing moisture, smooth finish and beautiful color in exquisite packaging.

Bottom Line: I still have a couple more Rouge Automatique shades on my wishlist.

Guerlain Automatique Lipstick ($35) is available at the counters.


  1. All the lovely reviews I see of these lipsticks has them edging closer and closer to my own wishlist.

  2. I own this and love it but I have to say - why such a tiny, tiny bullet? Surely that must be around one half to 60% of the size of a regular lipstick. And at such a price...

  3. I completely share your opinion on these. Every time I see the display, I go weak in the knees. As soon as I put them on, my lips feel special.

  4. Was really keen on these until the recent Guerlain scandal and am now boycotting the company. As another non-blonde (ethnic minority) it's hard enough finding colours that go with skin tone and adverts with models who look anything like me...this doesn't help the feeling that the beauty industry doesn't really cater for ethnic minorities.

    Companies like the incredible MAC and Bobbi Brown are of course excluded :)



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