Sunday, December 04, 2011

Surfing Suggestions

I live minutes away from several of the famed Paramus malls. It means that this time of the year traffic is even more horrendous than its usual obnoxious self. It also means that I don't leave the house on Black Friday and do all my holiday and other shopping (my father's birthday is in mid-December) from the comfort and safety of the couch. There's nothing like shopping Barneys while wearing fuzzy slippers and a cat.

It also means that I accidentally miss on stuff. Like thinking that I could waltz in to Bergdorf Goodman the day after a limited edition Kaleidoscope eye kit is released and expect it to be available. Thankfully I was A) informed of my mistake before paying for parking in Midtown, and B) given a second chance to get it. I already knew it was a must-have since Dustin did my eyes with it a couple of weeks ago and the look, colors and genius combination blew me away. I should have pre-ordered, but  for now I'll live vicariously through Messy WandsThe Beauty Look Book and Best Things In Beauty.

Making me feel a lot better was the fact another blogger wanted to interview me. Ari from Scent Of Self asked the questions, I answered and provided a cat photo (ok, I'm in there, too). Also, don't miss the interview with Thomas, aka Candy Perfume Boy. Hint: more cat pictures and perfume talk.

Victoria from EauMG published a gift guide for the chic hipster. I may be too old and too Jersey to even attempt hipdom, but I stand behind her choices. You will see that one of Victoria's recommendations was StrangeBeautiful's nail polish collections. Jane Schub, the genius behind StrangeBeautiful just added the ultimate in goth : a Dickensian Volume. It's stunning and available from Luckyscent ($85, 10 bottles):

Delicate Hummingbird tells us what she loved in November. As usual, she's spot-on.

The RAEviewer has beautiful blue nails.

On ArsAromatica, Dain never fails to make me think and re-think. Also, don't miss Anne's tribute to Kate Bush's Hounds Of Love.

Don't forget: this is the last week of the charity auction to benefit Doctors Without Borders. There are some wonderful products donated by brands and bloggers, including hard-to-find, cult favorite and discontinued makeup. There are also great perfumes and even a set of Parfums d'Empire scented candles, donated by Denyse of Grain de Musc (photo above is hers). Don't miss it.

Have a beautiful week!

Top photo: Bert Stern for Vogue, 1967.


  1. You can never be too Jersey. :)
    Love, Meg from Beachwood

  2. Thanks for adding me. You're going to find with my goth gift guide that great minds think alike ;)


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