Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sue Devitt Miramar & Lonely Splendor Silky Sheen Eye Shadows

Sue Devitt Silky Sheen Eye Shadow in Miramar seems to have been discontinued, but as you can see, its sibling Lonely Splendor is extremely close so there's nothing much to mourn even for those of us who have a shrine for taupe eye shadows where they pray nightly.

I'm a big fan of Sue Devitt eye shadows. The colors are always pretty and they offer a smooth satin finish. The eye shadows can be packed on if that's your thing, but a light wash offers enough intensity in complex, flattering shades. Lonely Splendor is a full and saturated taupe. Miramar was just the same and I wouldn't have both in my collection had one of them (I can't remember which, but probably Miramar) wasnt a gift with purchase. Since they're nearly identical, one of them lives permanently in my travel train case, ensuring that no matter what, I'm always equipped with a fabulous taupe.

Bottom Line: Pretty.

Sue Devitt Silky Sheen Eye Shadows ($18 each) are available from Barneys and many other department stores (my local Macy's has a counter). Also at


  1. I love Sue Devitt eye liners and shadows, they are so pretty and easy to use. I have been seeing that stock on shelves has been increasingly hard to find. Have you heard about SD products being discontinued?

  2. Elizabeth, I'd be very sad if its true. Great quality at a very decent price. I was at Barneys in November and everything was in stock, so I'm not sure what's going on.


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