Thursday, January 12, 2012

Alison Raffaele Kabuki Powder Brush

I was recently asked for a recommendation of a "really good" synthetic Kabuki brush. It was an easy choice. I've had this Alison Raffaele Kabuki Powder Brush for about six years-- not sure if just before or soon after I started this blog. It looks almost new not for lack of use-- it truly is amazingly durable (in comparison, my Makeup For Ever Kabuki that's much newer looks beaten up, despite equal and just treatment).

I use this Alison Raffaele Kabuki Powder Brush with any face powders and when playing with mineral foundations. It's too firmly packed for bronzers, in my opinion, but then again I prefer to apply the latter with a fan brush. Alison Raffael's Kabuki is wonderfully soft and probably the best Talkon brush I've come across. The handle is the perfect length for a good grip, the head is nicely shaped, and have I mentioned yet how soft it is?

Obviously, this is a cruelty-free brush. It's very well-made and looks as beautiful as the way it performs. It's interesting to note that the price, $50, hasn't changed in years. It probably felt much steeper back then.

Bottom Line: a great one.

Alison Raffaele Kabuki Powder Brush ($50) is available from, and


  1. I'm sorry, this is off topic...about a brush, just not this one. I bought the Hakuhodo 210 blush brush and like the results very much, but it is losing a lot of hair. Several every time I have used it, which is daily for about 2 weeks. Not quite what I expected because you mostly mention with this brand that they don't shed.

    Is this normal for a new brush or did I get a defective one? If you get a chance to answer, thanks. :)

  2. I've been on the look out for another kabuki and I completely forgot about this one even though I recently bought an Alison Faffaele concealer! Thanks for the review.

  3. It does seem like $50 dollars is the new free, doesn't it? This brush sounds wonderful and is going on my 'must purchase' list.

  4. Anon, it sounds like you may have gotten a faulty brush. I'd highly recommend that you contact Hakuhodo customer service. They're very helpful and eager to make things right.

  5. Meeta, I have all of Alison Raffaele's brushes and highly recommend them. It's a brand that deserve a lot more attention and love.

  6. Elizabeth, yes-- $50 cosmetics and $100 perfume are the new free. We've gone out of our minds, haven't we? But it helps rationalizing all the shopping.

  7. Thanks for the love, Gaia!! And I am SO happy to hear that your Kabuki Powder Brush is loving you back :-) 2012 is going to be a BIG year for ARC...exciting news is coming...will make sure you are on the press list...


  8. how does this brush compare to the hakuhodo g543 in applying foundations? thanks!


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