Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kate Hudson For Ann Taylor

Are you buying it?
“As a young girl, I looked up to the sophisticated style of Ann Taylor,” said Hudson, “so it’s been very cool to see how the brand has evolved to meet the changing needs of modern women.”
Somehow Kate Hudson's usual bra-less hippie style never struck me as sophisticated or Ann Taylor-material (see examples here and here). It's as believable to me as Angelina Jolie in St. John or Sarah Jessica Parker for the Gap.

Photo and quote via WWD


  1. i find sarah jessica parker for the gap much more believable... that quote is stretching the limits of my credulity.

  2. I agree - she looks adorable in the ads, but I don't for a minute think she ever wanted to wear Ann Taylor, or that she would wear it now...except when paid.


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