Thursday, January 19, 2012

Makeup For Ever Metallic Taupe 127 Eye Shadow

Since this week's makeup posts have been all about the eyes, let's stay with this theme for one more day with the help of Kosh, the orange tabby menace. Makeup For Ever Metallic Taupe 127 Eye Shadow is an almost nude color. I think it's too warm to be considered a true taupe, but still a nice neutral. The shimmery metallic finish gives Metallic Taupe 127 a little edge, so it's probably not a real candidate for a "no makeup" look. I use this eye shadow to blend and mellow down bolder colors and when I'm after a fool-proof-apply-in-seconds color.

The smooth texture of Make Up For Ever eye shadows is always easy to work with. Darker shades are obviously a lot more intense, and I'm pretty sure I should have chosen Gray Beige 165 instead of 127, but the lighting at the store was deceiving (what else is new?). Still, this is a basic workhorse kind of an eye shadow and the quality/price ratio is great.

Bottom Line: I'll pick better colors next time.

Makeup For Ever eye shadows ($19 each) come in several finishes and dozens of colors. Exclusive to Sephora, online and in store.


  1. Yes. So true about the colours and shop lights. I never buy anything without going outside to check the colour out in natural light and other areas where I think it might be brighter or different. One can certainly waste one's time if one does not do this, and it is annoying to get home and decide you don't look good in something after all.

  2. Thanks for reviewing #127. I had wondered about it, but all I need to see is the word "warn" and know it won't work on my eyes.

    I purchased my first MUFE powder shadow last week, #144. It's a shimmering blue grey that I loved in the store, had second thoughts when I got home, but now love again. I don't recall seeing #165, so I will have to keep my eyes out for that next time.


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