Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Laura Mercier Golden Bronze Bronzing Pressed Powder

The other day I was looking at the mirror and this corpse-like colorless person with green skin undertones looked at me back. It wasn't pretty. Between a mild winter crud and irregular sleep, my face needed some help. I was also in a hurry, so I wasn't about to start mixing colors and experiment. Instead, I reached for my "to test" bronzer section and grabbed a GWP compact of  Laura Mercier  Bronzing Pressed Powder in Golden Bronze, a color I previously tried at the counter and took a mental note as potentially awesome.

Golden Bronze is a light tanned with a hint of rose, so it's a healthy skin color more than actually "bronze". The full size Laura Mercier bronzer has a  sand dune embossed pattern that makes it look shinier than it actually is (probably why I hesitated a little the first time I tested this product). Then again, we're talking Laura Mercier, so tastefulness is a given. It is a shimmery bronzer (Mica is pretty high on the ingredient list), but the very fine texture melds well with the skin and gives it life and just enough color.

I apply a thin veil of the bronzing powder to the high areas of the face (a fan brush is your friend) and add just a dab of light blush with a hint of pink (yes, I'm still rocking the one from Sunday Riley) for a good flush. It banishes the winter blues, post-holidays ennui and the Januariness of it all.

Bottom Line: pretty.

Laura Mercier Golden Bronze Bronzing Pressed Powder ($32) is available at the counters, from Sephora and  lauramercier.com. The one you see here is a travel-size gift with purchase.

Photos were taken with the assistance of Sophie.

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