Monday, January 16, 2012

NARS Paramaribo Eye Shadow Duo Spring 2012

NARS Paramaribo limited edition Eye Shadow Duo for Spring 2012 is wonderfully sunny. Named after the capital of Suriname and sizzling in bronze and brass, these are the kind of colors I love to wear with a navy blue eyeliner (just as shown in NARS promo photos). Paramaribo is a sizzling combination, very shimmery and can be packed to a metallic intensity if you wish.

The texture is among the softest and nicest NARS offers and the shimmer stays put with no fallout (over a primer-- Paula Dorf or NARS' own).  The golden brass color is quite striking when worn lightly alone, even this time of the year. I also love it in the inner corner but I know it might not work as well if you're very fair.

I wanted to compare Paramaribo to another sunny NARS eye shadow duo, Indian Summer. The latter has one shimmer eye shadow (the beige one) and one matte, the mustard, and is a lot more conventional (I'll dedicate a post to Indian Summer at some point). They make a gorgeous palette together, now that I think of it.

Bottom Line: heartwarming.

NARS Paramaribo Eye Shadow Duo for Spring 2012 ($34) is a limited edition item. Available from All the products featured  in this post were sent free of charge by the company.
My handsome assistant is Cedric.


  1. Sexy Cedric! Glad i got the eye shadow!

  2. Jamilla, Cedric sends love and purrs.

  3. Suh-WEET photo of Cedric, Gaia! His left ear looks like a tiny pointy cap, and his golden eye mirrors the golden brass in the duo, and he's half bathed in light - just really diggin on your primo photo!

    Z :)


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