Thursday, January 05, 2012

Shiseido BR709 Sable Shimmering Cream Eye Color

Lovers of cream eye shadows will not want to skip these pretties from Shiseido. The Shimmering Cream Eye Color range comes in 12 colors and offers a light very creamy texture and a radiant finish with very fine shimmer. Application and blending are easy, whether you use your finger or a brush; this Shiseido product is among those items you can use when in a hurry without compromising sophistication. And since it's a cream shadow there's no fallout and/or need to clean up.

Shiseido BR709 Sable is a very friendly slightly warm taupe. It's one of those colors that make brown eyes look richer and light eyes stand out even more. I tend to wear it with a navy blue eyeliner (Le Metier de Beaute, Burberry or YSL) or a blue mascara. It doesn't need anything extra due to the complexity of this color. The creamy almost skin care-grade texture keeps the pigment and finish in place for a full day with no creasing. I do use an eyelid primer underneath, just as I do with any eye shadow, cream or powder.

Bottom Line: a no-brainer.

Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color ($25) is available at the counters and from Sephora (the latter is online only).


  1. This looks like a cream version of nars dogon which is one of my fave eyeshadows ever - i never tire of it!

  2. That is a great color!!

    Thanks for the photo.


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