Thursday, January 26, 2012

Eye Makeup Look At Valentino Spring Couture 2012 In Paris

Makeup looks for couture shows are rarely wearable for those of us who actually have to leave the house wearing makeup. But the look presented at Valentino Spring Couture 2012 for Paris Fashion Week is actually achievable and will not drive our neighbors to call the men in white coats for us. Superstar makeup artist Pat McGrath used pencil eyeliner and powder eye shadow to draw little squares at the outside corners of models’ eyelids. The idea is nearly bare face that celebrates perfect skin (or, well, the perfectly made up equivalent), slightly lightened brows (use a brown eyebrow mascara) and the blunt eye liner.

We can make it work.

Photos and info: WWD (photographer: Delphine Achard)


  1. A bit like the Peter Philips look at Chanel SS Haute Couture last year, non?

  2. You're right. But I can't remember if the edges of the eyeliner were as blunt as they're here. I'll have to go dig.

  3. It's fascinating to see their faces without all the photoshopping that would cover up or alter so much in a cover or advertisement, etc. ~~nozknoz

  4. Hmmm. Are you sure about the white coats part? Looks a bit odd to me.

  5. Yes, I believe the edges were blunt at Chanel, but not as squared off. I like both looks though, and given enough time to prep in the morning, would love to wear it on a bright spring day.


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