Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shiseido S5 Rosy Flush Accentuating Color Stick Blush

Ten years ago I was very anti stick blush. It was more of a novelty item back then. There was something about the textures back then that put me off completely; the available colors didn't help, either. Things have changed since then and last year I found and fell for Chantecaille Aquablush in Charming, a gorgeous dewy blush that went with me everywhere. The problem? It's no longer available. It was time for a replacement.

Shiseido offers their own little range of semi-solid blushes, Accentuating Color Stick. They come in six shades, but only four are true blushes. The other two are  highlighters (very nice ones, by the way). That's the multi-use aspect they promise. In theory you're supposed to sculpt, contour and highlight your face with the various shades of this Shiseido stick. Me? I just want a nice blush.

Shiseido S5 Rosy Flush Accentuating Color Stick is a raspberry color that looks intense in the tube and is, indeed, very rich in color. I touch the stick to my face in three points--very lightly-- and then take a small dense and round brush (Hakuhodo 210 and even the very small 212 on occasion) and blend the color to my satisfaction.  If you click on the swatch photo (yes, I know it's far closer to my skin than you ever wanted to be), you'll see how minimal blending affects the blush's intensity. It's the ease of use (and pretty color) that makes this Shiseido stick blush a winner in my book.

I always build a good base-- primer, foundation, etc. and top things with a light setting powder, so this blush (as well as everything else) stays put all day long. If you just blush and go there'll probably be some serious fading since this is a hydrating sheer formula.

Bottom Line: more shades, please.

Shiseido S5 Rosy Flush Accentuating Color Stick Blush ($33) is available at the counters and from shiseido.com. Also at Sephora (online only).


  1. I have to say that what stops me from using stick blush is that I have no idea how to wear it. Do you have any tips? I wasn't even aware that you need to use a brush with it.

  2. I have this blush in the Peach Flush shade - I love it. But it tends to only come out in summer.

    Esther - you don't absolutely have to use a brush with it, you can use your fingers. Just use it like you would use any cream blush - the key is to NOT draw a huge stripe on your face and end up with way too much blush.
    These Shiseido ones are extremely blendable so it's actually pretty hard to go wrong. Keep your foundation brush handy in case you go over the top, you can blend some of it away with the little bit of foundation left on your brush.

    I think if you experiment with them on the back of your hand in-store you'd get a feel for them.


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