Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ellis Faas L203 Milky Lips

Ellis Faas Milky Lips is a range of soft liquid lipsticks in a lighter texture than the Creamy Lips (think of the relationship between cream and milk). They're not sheer, as you can see in the photo and can give any effect from a minimal stain to a full coverage.

The formula, like that of the other Ellis Faas lip products I've tried so far, is comfortable to wear and leaves my lips happy. It also excels in longevity when applied right, which brings us to the pen applicator and how to use it. The one big advantage of Ellis Faas pens (other than their slick appearance) is that they keep the product safely away from air and bacteria. The lip colors do not oxidize in the tube and do not dry out. But then there are the applicator tips, in the case of Milky Lips a stiff plastic brush, and they're quite frustrating and annoying until one learns how to deal with them.

The secret is to not use them on the lips. Ever. It takes a few tries to learn just how much (how little, really) product you want to dispense. Once you've got it, pick it with your lip brush (a flat one like Hakuhodo 270 or B523BkSL is ideal) and apply in thin layers to the desired intensity. You can also use your finger for a stain effect if that's your thing, but I'm a brush girl. Once done, clean the pen's applicator and put the cap back on.

Ellis Faas L203 Milky Lips is a rich burgundy. It's a perfectly balanced shade, not too red or too purple, and like all Ellis Faas colors has a certain quality that complements and compliments natural skin tones and doesn't look too harsh.  It's a beautiful color with a luscious finish.

Bottom Line: Worth the learning curve and then some.

Ellis Faas L203 Milky Lips ($35) is available at Space NK and from Sephora online and at their NYC Meat Packing District location. Also at The product for this review was sent to me free of charge by the company.


  1. I have and love this color, it's a perfect 'my lips but better' nude look for work. I have many of EF's products but working with their applicators does have a learning curve. It's well worth it though, Ellis Faas's 101 red is the most perfect red I've ever come across.

  2. Mmmmm. That is a beautiful colour!

  3. I haven't tried this one, but I accidentally left my favorite EF lip product, a like-new L303 in Morristown. *cries* I came close to begging to have it sent back to me, but my friend liked it so much I let her keep it.

    Ellis, if you are reading, pleeeease do a Creamy Eyes in grey or purple-grey.

  4. Hi which one is better Hakuhodo 270 or B523BkSL? or are they the same

  5. Have both the L203 (milky lips) which on my moderately pigmented lips is a moody fall color, more on the neutral side than the wine side. Wears well with fall shades of brown, burnished orange etc. Lasts pretty well and is not at all drying.
    I also have the L303 (lip gloss) which is a wowza sheer neutral red, could be worn with cool, blue/wine wardrobe, but also with pretty much any shade of red ( my favorite color). Lovely glossy finish which fades to a lovely stain. If it weren't so expensive, I'd wear it every day; as it is, I use it for special occasions or when I need a pick me up. Love Ellis Faas!


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