Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Sunday Riley Leprechaun 116 Eye Shadow

Sunday Riley's growing makeup line includes 28 shades of Prismasilk Eye Color. The eye shadows all looked fantastic and I had a hard time narrowing my selection down. I ended up with four Sunday Riley eye shadows in the most interesting colors, but could have easily walked away with about ten of them.

I picked Leprechaun (116 ) because it's a very complex color. Sunday Riley created a not quite silver-not quite taupe with a green cast that changes its appearance with the light. As soon as I saw Leprechaun I also realized that it was a more stable sibling of the legendary Lancome Erika F. By "more stable" I mean that it has far less shimmery fallout.

It turns out that Sunday Riley's Leprechaun can also appear darker with an almost charcoal base. The pigment is a little bit more intense and the texture is different. While the shimmer will not get all over your face, application requires a little more work and a very good blending brush (try Laura Mercier Ponytail or Finishing Eye Brush ). Erika F is softer, which you can see in the swatches (done with fingers). When using a firmly packed soft brush, Sunday Riley's eye shadow has a nicer finish than what you see here.

I also compared to Dusk by Edward Bess. Dusk has more brown and now shimmery particles, though its finish is a glowing satin. The khaki green cast of Dusk is nearly invisible when compared to Erika F and Leprechaun, but more obvious when paired with a light beige base color such Edward Bess Nude.

Bottom Line: hits the spot.

Sunday Riley Prismasilk Eye Color eye shadows ($26 each) are available at Barneys.

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  1. I'm loving your posts on this range. It's unheard of here in the UK, but every item you've shown us screams (or quietly insists upon!) sophistication.


    Nazia x


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