Monday, January 30, 2012

NARS Makeup Removing Water

As a devotee of Bioderma (Créaline H2O - Ultra-Mild Non-Rinse Face and Eyes Cleanser, I use it to remove my makeup before I do a deeper cleansing), the one annoying issue is that it's not readily available on US shelves. A makeup remover is a basic essential and having to monitor my inventory and order online is not the best solution ever. Enter NARS Makeup Removing Water.

I've been using NARS Makeup Removing Water for several weeks now, some nights testing it on half my face against Bioderma on the other half and I can't see a difference in performance. The texture and feel on skin is the same; I soak a cotton pad with the NARS Makeup Removing Water the same way I do with Bioderma, let rest on my eyelids for 30-seconds to a minute and wipes away all traces of makeup, including mascara (I don't use watreproof, so can't comment on that). Even the most stubborn eyeliners such as Armani or YSL melt away after a nice soaking without rubbing. The no rubbing thing is huge for those of us with sensitive eyes.

NARS Makeup Removing Water takes off my foundation and everything I layer on top of it with just two rounds (the second one is more for debris and leftovers). I tested the performance by using a toner afterwords, and just like with Biodrema- nothing was left on my face. And, of course, just as promised, it's soap, oil and alcohol-free, so my skin is very happy with the results. It's the opposite idea of the vintage photos you see above (found somewhere online ages ago, I lost the source)-- this is as gentle a product as they come, so anything else you do after is not affected.

Bottom Line: excellent.

NARS Makeup Removing Water ($28. The same price as the 250 ml Bioderma if you order it from Beautyhabit, but far more expensive if you're used to ordering from is available at the counters and from I received the product free of charge from the company.


  1. wow, sounds really good and I wondered how it would live up to the Bioderma.

  2. excellent. glad to hear they are similar because i have not tried bioderma. i have been wanting too but i dont want to go through all the pesky ways of finding it! ill definitely try this out. thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Me personally. I love to use Clinique's Foaming Acne solution face wash for makeup removal. I know that it is meant for acne but I have found that it works better as a makeup remover (especially since I do not have acne anymore). It removes my makeup seamlessly without any harsh scrubbing and it is only $18.50. Thanks for this post!

  4. I have yet to try bioderma crealine water..
    But I have to say, the only reason I have been putting off buying it is because I love the
    Rimmel makeup remover so much. It's water base, cleans everything.. I wear contact lenses, and it doesn't irritate my eyes at all. Also, I hate those bi-phase makeup remover as sometimes it leaves an oily feel around me eyes.

  5. I swear by Rommel makeup remover. It's water base, doesnt irritate/sting my eye (i wear contact lens), and doesn't leave my eye area feeling oily.. It removes everything, without the need to tug and pull. :)
    It's the only reason I've been putting off my need to try Bioderma crealine. It's only about GBP3 here in the UK. :)


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