Wednesday, January 25, 2012

News From Guerlain

It's the D word again: Discontinued. I have an official confirmation from Guerlain that Iris Ganache and Vetiver Pour Elle will be phased out by the end of 2012. This news comes on the heels of the latest Guerlain L'Art et la Matière release, Myrrhe et Délires (review as soon as I can, for now you can read more about it on Bois de Jasmin).

Iris Ganache is the first L'Art et la Matière perfume to be discontinued, but other exclusive Guerlain fragrances were axed before. Both Iris Ganache and Vetiver Pour Elle have many admirers, so I foresee a lot of griping and kvetching. Let's hope Myrrhe et Délires is going to take some of the edge off.


  1. Such a shame, especially since VPE is such a beloved scent. I checked online shortly after hearing word and BG was already sold out!

    My perfume friends and I have a running joke that if I like a scent (Moss Breches, Purple Patchouli) it'll be discontinued.

    I'll have to keep my ear to the ground if anything pops up about Angelique Noir.

  2. I'll start off the griping:
    WHY does it have to be Iris Ganache? I mean, who wears Rose Barbare? WHO? :(

  3. I am so disappointed to hear this news. Seems I will have to stock up....and someone also mentioned Mayotte (not that I'm a fan). It's so sad.


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