Thursday, December 09, 2010

Le Metier de Beaute holiday 2010 Eye Kaleidoscope

The creative team of Le Metier de Beaute is full of people nicer than me: the New York City winter inspires them to create beautiful colors, while I can only come up with foul language to describe the weather of the last couple of days. If you've been to the city yesterday and felt the windchill you know what I mean. But, seriously, the magic of NYC during the holiday season is unlike anything else in the world. And it is, indeed, gorgeous.

Le Metier de Beaute holiday 2010 Eye Kaleidoscope is a limited edition of four eye shadow colors that can be worn alone or layered in Le Metier's Couches de Couleurs layering technique- you start with the lightest color in  the Kaleidoscope and add a little of each shade one on top of the other, blending them together to create depth and dimension. Of course, you can play with different combination, change the layering order to suit your creativity and generally have fun. That's why I love Le Metier's Kaleidoscopes so much- they appeal to my inner little girl playing with makeup.

So what's in this Holiday 2010 Eye Kaleidoscope?
First, please note that the press sample I got is not the actual packaging you'll find at the stores. The Holiday Kaleidoscope comes in a festive white frosted case.

Now to the colors (from top to bottom):
Crystal Ball is described as "platinum champagne", but I'd say it's significantly darker than most champagne shades and is actually more on the taupe side.If I ever hit pan here, it'd be on this color.
Empire is a matte gray, comparable to several Bobbi Brown eye shadows I've seen and owned, very soft and pliable. Used alone it can become my go-to soft smoky eye color.
Rockette is shimmery warm pink with peachy leanings and gold flecks. I'm so going to try it as a blush, but I already noticed how amazing it is layered with Crystal Ball. I think I prefer it as the base color, but honestly, it works either way.
Sugar Plum is the glam evening shade of this set. Dark blue with pink and purple shimmery flecks, it takes the look an extra step. Several of Le Metier de Beaute's recent seasonal Kaleidoscope had a gorgeous blue color, and you can see why. They have a knack for blue.

Le Metier de Beaute's Holiday 201 Eye Kaleidoscope ($125) is a limited edition, available at Bergdorf Goodman and select Neiman Marcus locations. The press sample I have was sent for my consideration by the company's PR.

All photos are very much mine. Using any of them without my consent will unleash loads of bad karma, not to mention make me cranky, and I can hold a grudge like you'd never believe it. Just sayin'.


  1. It's beautiful! In the pans, they seem like colors I'd hate, but swatched, they just glow.

    Still, I'd rather have a few more LMDB lipsticks. Those are fabulous.

  2. Oh my gosh, those colours couldn't be any more up my street. I love this!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. I was wowed by the taupe but then I spotted Sugar Plum. I'd love to see how these layer. The special packaging sounds very interesting too!
    MB x

  4. Do you know if it's available online or just at the BG counter?

  5. Diane, right now it's not online. Your best bet is to call the counter and order. The team at Bergdorf is very helpful.

  6. That is stunning..reaches out and grabs palette...
    I really feel like Le Metier are offering something that bit different from the majority of cosmetic brands. Thanks for the post.

  7. Beautiful -- I think I need this.

    Regarding your product photos -- should you just slap a huge watermark on your photos (in an area that doesn't obstruct the product) if you're concerned of people stealing?

  8. These look lovely, will have to give this a try. I agree the folks at LMDB come up with wonderful colors. I just purchased my first palette (Le Circque) and it's just amazing. The textures are so soft and the colors work beautifully with one another. This line really is top notch. I haven't tried their lipsticks yet-I'm sure it will be love too!

  9. Wow, this is just gorgeous! I've also been wanting to get the Le Metier de Beaute eyelash curler ... maybe I'll have to track down a counter!

  10. These shades are absolutely beautiful! I love the bluey brown...gorgeous

  11. I bought this from Dustin but mine didn't come with any frosted box. just re regular black box in case anyone decides to order.

    I absolutely LOVE the taupe shade and the blue is gorgeous although I experience some fallout =P


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