Monday, April 09, 2012

Butter London Lippy Lipgloss: Snog & Primrose Hill Picnic

Changes are afoot at Butter London. Nonie Creme, the founder and creative director left the company in February (she promises to have something exciting  to show in the near future. I'm hopeful). Butter London seems to be growing, though, and is now venturing into new territories with Lippy, a range of five lip glosses corresponding with existing shades of nail polish.

I tested  Snog (a warm and almost coral-like version of hot pink) and Primrose Hill  (very very pink, a cooler shade than the nail lacquer). The bad news is that I haven't seen such a sticky texture since the early days of Lancome Juicy Tubes. The good news is the intense pigment gives high coverage (almost like a liquid lipstick) and the stickiness helps it survive a snack or a drink, even if some of the shine is lost. Speaking of shine, Butter's Lippy glosses are like patent leather, for better and for worse. I like this high impact look, at least for evening. Do take note that I only tried the two darkest shades in the line. I don't know how the lighter ones fare in comparison. I wish, though, that some of Butter London's reds and plums were recreated as a lip gloss. I'd especially liked to see Queen Vic and Dahling get the treatment. Lippy glosses are pretty heavily scented, but do not contain parabens, petroleum, phthalates, sulphates, or bismuth.

Bottom Line: nice, as long as you can handle the stickiness. Wear your hair up.

Butter London Lippy Lipgloss ($17 each) are available from (US only). The products were sent to me for review by the company.


  1. I love your blog!! Accidentally read ur blog once I search for comments on Clinica Ivo Pitanguy products, and have been a frequent visitor since. I love your recommendations. I'm thinking to buy nother hand cream which got strong anti-aging property but yet not something greasy, I hate the feeling of getting my hand sticky... any good reommendations you got? I was thinking to get CIP hands beauty treatment but seems it's pricy...

  2. I always stop at the butter London boutique when I fly through Sea-Tac. Last month I got a mani waiting for my connection back to Houston and the manicurist tried to sell me on the lipglosses but I wasn't convinced. Especially because they choose to put Yummy Mummy in a lipgloss, which I thought looked hideous. (Then again, I was flying from Fairbanks to Houston with the flu--everything looked hideous.) Glad you wrote about these, as I've been curious.

  3. Dear Gaia,

    I've been coming across wildly conflicting reports about the scent -- as I trust your nose, can you let me know if it is indeed floral? melon? candied fruit? or none of the above?

    Many thanks!

    1. Kate, I thought it was kind of vanilla-candy like. Definitely not melon (*shudders*) and not fruity like Edward Bess. The scent doesn't last long enough to annoy me, unlike the sticky factor.

    2. Thank you! *shudders in shared YSL trauma*


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