Friday, April 20, 2012

Coming Soon: Brushes

This is just the tiniest sneak preview. There's a lot more in the works.


  1. ooo! i was just thinking about this and wondering if i had missed the fabulous and thorough guide to brushes, when this post comes along. i can't wait:)

  2. I have two of those Hakuhodos - one of the duo-fiber (I guess that's how I'd classify them?) and one of the non-dense powder ones. They're both really great. I look forward to reading your thoughts on them!

  3. Awesome. You always find the coolest brushes I've ever seen, and it seems the longer I wear makeup, the more brushes I neeeeeeeed, even though the actual amount of makeup I wear doesn't change. I thought of you yesterday as I was doing prom makeup for a friend's daughter (talk about pressure) and she whipped out a pressed powder with a godawful sponge on top. Gasp! If she hadn't already been beside herself about the prom, a lecture would have been in order! Needless to say, my response was to whip out my loose powder and a dual-fiber brush, smile politely, and proceed as if I'd never seen it. But I was thinking for the rest of the session that I needed to head over here and check out some of your brush reviews again.

  4. I was about to order 2 of these brushes, and now I see them here... Like you read my mind. I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

  5. Brush porn! Can't wait to hear about these :)

    By the way, thanks for adding me to your blog roll- I realized I didn't have you on mine either, shameful really. I have been a "creeper" on your blog for some time now. ;)

  6. wait a second. when you said coming soon, i immediately thought of the comprehensive brush guide you have been working on. and that is what got me excited. but now i am questioning myself. is that really what is coming soon. because that is what i am super excited about. i have been holding off on purchasing just to get your advice in one handy guide...

    i guess no matter what, i will just keep hoping and watching. let it be soon;)

  7. Would it be possible for your brush section to discuss some of the brush sets available. For a non-pro, (or someone who just wants to have a travel or gym bag set), these seem to be real money savers.


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